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Air Arc Cutting Equipment

Plasma Or Air Carbon Arc Gouging Miller Welding

Apr 29, 2006 Air carbon arc torches, even up to 1000 amp capacity, are cheap on eBay saw one go for 131, but its the power source thats the bigger issue. Can find some cheap three phase welding power sources at 600 amps about 275, but I dont have 3 phase power and I am wondering what horsepower size 3 phase rotary converter would be needed to power ...

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Arc Cutting Tools And Gouging Electrodes Welding

Arc cutting and gouging supplies are used to cut and remove layers of existing metal from a workpiece. They are typically used in foundry applications to remove welds, prepare joints and edges for welding, and repair defects. Gouging electrodes are inserted in arc gouging torches to position and form a carbon arc that melts the metal material.

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Gouging Howto Welding Productivity

The air carbon-arc gouging process does not require oxidation to maintain the cut, so it can gouge or cut metals that the oxyfuel process cannot. In fact, most common metals carbon steel, stainless steel, high-alloy wear plate, copper alloys and cast irons can be cut using air carbon-arc gouging.

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