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Electric Discharge Machine Seminarprojects

Used Edm Machines For Spark Erosion Spark Eroders

An electric discharge machine, or a spark erosion machine, is used for the removal of electrically conductive materials on a workpiece through evaporation or chipping. In order to make this possible, EDM machines can only process workpieces that are made out of some very strong electrical conductor, such as tungsten, copper, graphite, etc. and ...

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The Agb Portable Edm By Gordon Engineering

The Portable EDM Machine safely and easily removes broken studs, taps, screws and drills without damaging the threads. Additionally, the Portable EDM Machine can machine any shape hole, notch, crack, slot, groove or cavity in any metal, even hardened steel and carbide.

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Ballistic Galvanometer Pdf Easystudyinfo

Seminar amp Projects Reports and ppt Home Portal ... the discharge time through the regular ballistic galvanometer must be shorter than the period of oscillation. For some applications, especially those involving inductors, this condition cannot be met. ... the suspension thread or in the current leads. The core bobbin of the coil is of a non ...

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